About BTpartner

BTpartner, providing services to a wide spectrum in the data processing sector, is a technology and consultancy firm incorporated with the accumulation of more than 25 years in the sector in order to provide Outsourcing and Consultancy services.


BTpartner makes difference with its professional solutions in the field of outsourcing services, increases customer satisfaction, playing a great role in improving operational efficiency of your company.


BTpartner hit the road for providing a central professional point of view and consultancy power which you need in order to keep up with the business conditions of the future and accommodate yourself to the time.


Our Founders

BTpartner’s foundations were laid by Mr. Alper Daldal, Mr. Mehmethan Şişik and Mr. Soner Şahin our founders who for long years engaged in management positions in corporate firms in the sector; and it started to actively operate in 2013. Having been incorporated under the leadership of Mr. Alper Daldal who engaged in leading companies like Yapi Kredi Bank, HP and EMC and has led several very succesfull programs; Mr. Soner Şahin who engaged in system and software development departments of leading companies of financial sector such as Akbank and Avivasa, BTpartner shares all of its knowledge and experience with its business partners.


Managing Partner / Partner


Managing Partner / Partner


Start this very day to accommodate yourself to competitive business conditions!

Accommodating yourself to Dynamic Market conditions requires having a very good observation of changing customer needs and making correct decisions at the right time.


  • To develop strategic solutions for needs and objectives of our customers, improve our relationship with our customers for mutual benefits, and ensure more added value for commercial activities of our customers.
  • To improve efficiency by ensuring quick, qualified and effective use of resources.
  • To ensure creativity with innovative loyalty, and provide it as service to our nearby geography.
  • Our target is, on the one hand, to increase and improve our capabilities, and on the other hand, to create new and emerging services for the business world.
  • To maintain our idea leadership, ensure permanent estimation of future dynamics of the market, and contribute to designing new business models.
  • Improve our organization and culture, attract highly qualified recruits and retain them in the long term.


At the same time, all of these are realized in an environment that promotes entrepreneurship, rewards high performance, and motivates us for reaching our full potential.