Outsourcing Services

What is outsourcing?


Outsourcing is a resource management model which is becoming more and more widespread in our country just like the rest of the world. With this model, companies can procure specialized and experiential resources without need to employ them so they have the chance to reach their business goals quickly.


Why outsourcing?


  • It provides temporary resource for periodical business needs.
  • It enables quick respond to changing market conditions.
  • It ensures saving from recruiting, raising and retaining costs.
  • It enables flexible resource management according to increasing and decreasing Project needs during the period.
  • With this model, businesses can better focus on their main fields of activity.
  • It ensures operational efficiency by means of sound budget management on project basis.

Management Consultancy Services

Information Technologies Department in businesses that effectively applies IT governance which means compliance of corporate IT operations with corporate strategies can be considered as a “strategic business partner” for reaching strategic business goals and achieve targets. Use of IT resources and budgets is decided upon by approval and participation of top management. IT business unit, as a partner, contributes to and expresses its opinions with respect to the strategic decisions of the business.


In IT Governance, we create value for your business with our services that we provide in following fields:


  1. IT Strategy and Planning
  2. IT Portfolio and Demand Management
  3. IT Risk and Safety Management
  4. IT Architectural Management


Process Management Consultancy

By analyzing current status of your development and operating processes using our experiences, we determine business methods that will be compatible with your corporate culture and strategies, increase your efficiency, and put you ahead in the competitive conditions.


Project Management Process Consultancy


Application Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Process Consultancy

  • Design
    • Determination of business needs
    • Analysis
    • Functional design
  • Implementation
    • Technical Design
    • Coding
  • Testing
    • Unit Test
    • Integration test
    • Performance tests
    • Acceptance test
  • Deployment


IT Service Management (ITIL) Consultancy


Changing needs of the modern day have made IT services more complicated. Both in house IT units and IT companies that provide outsourcing services to many companies are now in need of easy, quick and efficient management systems. In today’s IT world, the most critical rule is uninterrupted and problem-free operation of services, and management of them in a life cycle.


Continuous innovation, change and adaptation needed in an ideal IT Service Management. ITIL which has been formed by amassing experiences of professionals over 20 years over the world is one of the most important resources that guide IT units. Furthermore, other standards like ISO 20000, CobIT are in the foreground, and ITIL provides a basis for compatible operation with them.


ITIL approach’s application to service management processes varies for each organization depending on its corporate culture, structure and technology.


In IT Service Management, we create value for your business with our consultancy services that we provide in following fields:

  1. ITIL Awareness trainings
  2. ITIL process consultancy
  3. ISO 20000 inspection and consultancy
  4. CobIT inspection and consultancy